Loch Maree in the Highlands of Scotland is unique: nowhere else in the UK is there an island within an island within a lake.


And so the Maree earring is centred around the idea of concentric circles, around a hoop earring! To change up the look, the discs can easily be added or removed – or even one colour worn alone.


The Maree is hand painted in two colour combinations:

  • Dutch Orange + Aqua + Natural
  • Seagrass + Nara Purple + Natural


The earrings are made from laser cut, beech wood, and finished with a Sterling Silver hoop earring. (Earrings are left natural on the back).


Earring size is 5.6cm long including the hoop. The hoop is 2cm in diameter and largest wooden disc 3.8cm.

Maree Hoop Earring