Our Gigha Earrings were actually inspired by our best-selling Skye earrings design! Those came about by our love for the Isle of Skye and its rugged rock features on the Scottish west coast!


However, we also took our cue from the island of Gigha, and its shape, the southernmost island of the Southern Hebrides and lies off the west coast of Kintyre. Gigha is also known as “Good Island or God Island.


The design's eye-catching geometric shape and pops of colour are an easy way of giving an outfit a bit of a lift.



The Gigha Earrings are hand painted and come in two colour combinations:

  • Juniper Blue + Natural
  • Rose + Natural



You can choose if you'd like it finished with a:

  • Sterling Silver drop earring
  • Rose Gold drop earring
  • Gold plated drop earring


The earrings are made from laser cut, beech wood.

Gigha Earring