"Fairfield Highland Coo" - Photo Print


Highland Cows or "coo" for their Scottish pronounciation is a beautiful creature and most often seen in a field in the valley bottom. Imagine my surprise when I stumble across this hairy beast after a long and cold day out on the Fairfield Horseshoe. 


As the path rounded the corner, in the fading light, there was this particular highland coo with its flowing golden hair just casually munching on grass. Unfazed it continued to eat as I composed this photograph. The warmth of its coat stands in contrast to the cool light in the rest of the scene. We quietly moved on and left this coo to her meal.


This print is available in two sizes and comes with a mount:


  • Medium - 12" x 8" with a mount size of 16" x 12"
  • Large - 16" x 12" with a mount size of 20" x 16"

Fairfield Highland Coo