Our best-selling design, updated this season with a brighter Fiord blue, and the option of a rose gold hoop (as well as sterling silver).


The Crescent Earrings represent the peace and promise of a waning crescent moon against a starry night sky.


To change up the look, the cresent or the night sky hoop can easily be added or removed, so one colour worn alone.



The Crescent is hand painted in Fiord Blue and Coastal Mist (grey).



You can choose if you'd like it finished with a:

  • Sterling Silver hoop earring
  • Rose Gold hoop earring

The earrings are made from laser cut, beech wood.


Earring size is 5.6cm long including the hoop. The metal hoop is 2cm in diameter and wooden hoop 3.9cm.

Crescent Hoop Earring

Colour: Fiord Blue + Coastal Mist